- Who we are -

Handgrey is my work, passion, and obsession.  It's small independent design studio I started, initially under the name Más Design in 2010.  This is when I took my first step into the industry of product design, to combat the weariness for the "disposable mentality", with the ultimate goal of creating enduring designs. 

Over the past few years, I have tried my hands at various simple products in order to accumulate experience in product designs, while searching for my own identity, individuality & style.  In late 2014, that search has realized in the form of Handgrey.


The name handgrey is a concept that combines the idealism of "hand creations", or personal creations, with the color grey, which represents in my mind, "natural permanence".   In my observation of colors, tones and contrasts, I found that middle gray, tends to be the color that is most permanent among colors and contrasts....white darkens, and black fades, all toward grey.  Thus, Handgrey conceptualizes the idea of creating enduring designs.  

- design philosophy & influences -

I am greatly influenced by the bauhaus principle in design, not because it is fashionable, or modern, but rather because it is natural and simple.  Simplicity in the minimalistic sense, is something very difficult to achieve in the design process. Those who realizes true minimalistic designs, in its most basic form, will find themselves creating something that is enduring and timeless.  This is my goal, and aspiration for Handgrey.    

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